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merry christmas.......well LATE christmas

So Christmas was alright, didn't get much but that's not what matters.. I was with my daddy brothers and michele and that's a first. I've never had a christmas with my dad so it was nice. I did get 170$ which was awesome. 50 from taking my uncle to his appointments, 40 from my grandma, 30 from my other uncle, and 50 from michele's DAD! I also got this really cute set of candels, it has three different ones and comes on a platter thing with a bunch of seashells, that should go good because i'm doing my room in palm trees and stuff:) like i always wanted.

So last night we all had dinner here, and around 6 my grandpa took my grandma to the hospital.. AGAIN and shes sick with pnemonia.. wow i have no clue how to spell that one.. But she's in ICU, so i have two people in ICU right now... Hopefully what lauren said is true, sometimes people say bad things come in three well.. i've had my three bad things, i'm ready to call it quits now.

i'm wactching my brothers right now while my dad& michele visit my grandma, i got only a few hours of sleep last night i'm so tired. Colin is sleeping & kyle wont put down that gameboy, damn you santaaaaaaaaa >:o

anyway baby is waking up be back later

ooh p.s.... good job on blowing it, maybe you should watch your mouth before you speak, cuz i can say some hurtful things too. i won't forgive you for this, you should fucking be the nicest person to me right now & ur a piece of shit yet again.. I'M OVER IT
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