Courtney Rae (beach182bum) wrote,
Courtney Rae

Yeah so I'm cleaning my room right... And my stepmom, dad and I just got done talking about a shitload of stuff, haha they know I smoked pot before now! I'll never do that shit again though haha.. Umm soo.. I couldn't stop thiking about my Aunt tonight for some reason more than ever? I was cleaning out my closet, and I saw my picture books, pictures from like years and years go of Ann Camille and I, and brenda, haha they were great... But I also found pictures of my aunt, like four.. Of her and Travis(my little cousin) too.. & of course I was listening to the radio and that Aerosmith song came on, "Don't wanna miss a thing" and I just start crying, I miss her so much I can't even believe she's gone.. So I have another picture book which is empty, open it up and it was a Christmas card from my stepmom's dad.. i'm like ohhh yeah I remember this, and read it, open it up i see GREEN! i'm like thinking oh a few bucks yeah, NO 50 FRICKIN' BUCKS!! I almost cried haha.. I swear on my LIFE I took that money out at Christmas time, I love you Aunt Pat, she knew I was broke & that I had money in that card haha.. something told me to look through it....


I just had to share because that was the coolest thing that has ever happened to me haha


eww also threw out gay faggot ass ex boyfriend pictures, hung up with new HOTT guys:) hehehe

I think it's so funny how my entire family hates him now ahhhaha!:)

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