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blahh, i can't say things are getting better, but since new things have came back into my life i'm a little happier.
I just found out today that the school I go to is a college prep school? would woulda known!... haha i guess its good. I'm going to drop spanish I think and go into co-op so i can leave 6th hour and work! woooo yeah. I so don't want to have to drop my psychology class though because I LOVE IT! grrr

So the other day, monday, i went over Chris & Tonys, yay:) They have lived next to my grandma and grandpas old house for their whole life hehe, we used to play when we were little and i used to run chris's foot over with my barbie jeep lol. But yeah I had so much fun, I get over there and we decide to go ice skatinggggggg yay! then sokol came over, their friend, an albo lmaooo yeah he totally looked white but he was cool. so we went ice skating it was fun man i havent ice skating in so damn long, of course chris hadda show off hahaha;) after that we went sledding in this ditch behind the house, oh yyyyyyyyeahhhhhhhh. i really wish i lived close to them, its crazy cuz i'll be on the phone will chris and i think to myself wow, this is that little boy that i used to PLAY with when we were little, now hes a big boy. lol hes so frickin tall and tony is taller my godddd.... haha their coming for a sleep over soon im excited...chris and i have great plans lol;) ooh destructive:D

this weekend i'm going to west virgina most likely if my aunt doesn't pass away... i talked to my uncle billy and we all know she is going to die, its just a matter of when. after someone as weak as her gets taken off life support, 5-7 days later they die.... i honestly can't handle this but chris is right, i cant keep saying i need her it makes me more upset. but i do.:\

well i have a shitload of homework that i better get started on... grrrr
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