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So I tried updating last night about my weekend and crap, but it didn't work.. so here it goes.

Thursday we didn't have school.. so after school I hung out with Tiffany and it was so shitty outside, we just drove around, the trains were being so fucking weird, we waited at them for like 20 minutes each. Got her car fixed, and went to the library, got i hate old crabby women! I really want my book there but they're all out and have been grr! I mind as well just buy it. After that Jackie called us because we were all supposed to go to Hooters, so they met us at BK and we followed them to the one in flint, yeah that was grrrrrrreat! haha it was so much fun. It was Me, Jackie, Tiff, Aaron, Mike, Mike, James, and Chris. After that we were driving home, kinda messin' around and Chris who was in another car, went to switch lanes but obviously didn't check them good enough because he ran right into another car.. So he pulls into someones driveway and the guy comes out like all pissed and asks if anyone is hurt, and no one was.. so he calls the cops.. Yeah Chris's car is TOTALLY fucked up, his whole front end was like off his car. So the cops came but Tiff had to leave so Aaron took her to the express way and then aaron mike james jackie and i just left and went back to mikes. went in his hottub:) it was freezing outside man, there was snow drifts and stuff i thought i had frost bite on my face!! he has the cutest puppies though!!:) watched evolution, k well not me because i fell asleep before it started and woke up to mike poking me haha.. from there i left with jackie and spent the night at her house, woke up because she had cramps, now today i do and had to come home early:(

Friday jackie, mike, james and i went to the movies and saw starsky and hutch, haha that was great! do it DO IT. Umm.. Saturday we all went to the monster truck show thing, that was so much fun! I saw my daddy and brother there, but it was oh so loud. But i really enjoyed myself. last weekend was the best weekend, hopefully this one will be a good one too.

Sunday... i don't remember what i did sunday, oh yeah sleep because i didn't get a chance to do that all weekend!  Tomorrow i'm hanging out with tiff, i wanted to go to the rec but i have cramps so bad, like the worst ever.. continuing my story about my cramps k, i go to school this morning and tell my dad i had cramps all night & this morning and i said if i have them bad i'm coming home, k? i didn't think i was going to get them but sure enough during lunch i do, i go back to spanish after that and they werent THAT bad.. English comes around and i'm DYING i mean dying.. i take my quiz and i'm like ok i'll be right but NO i feel like im gonna puke.. i think to myself i mind as well stay because it's gonna take a while to get home and blah blah, but i couldnt.. so i go down to the office & leave.. i got home and was so fricking sick, i took a bath, almost puked.. michele said she's puked before from cramps:( i really need to go to the docs.. i can't take my meds anymore because the dosage is like too high, and it makes me flip out. so i took tylonal and had screwed up dreams about vampires and JTIMB! that was so crazy i'll have to tell him about that one.. Woke up I slept for like 2 hours.. went tanning.. haha I love it there, megan and her mom are so funny and have the NICEST stuff! I'm going on a shopping spree there when I get money:) she let me tan for free though, and someone walked in on me! haha i love them their so nice.

I also found my prom dress I want so bad, it's from windsor take a LOOKY!:)


i really loveeeeeeee the pink one but i don't know!!:)


oh and i talked to alexandra yesterday and she was telling me how these girls were talking about me at school, about my aunt & grandmas dying and stuff, and my uncle but i dont think they know that. i'm just curious as to how they know all this, unless they read this thing?? and no i'm not with alen anymore lolol, thank God for that:)

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